The beer that blows the discomfort index in one shot

Beer Cass Fresh was praised for its clean and soft taste. Reporter Kim Dae-gi said, “The right bubbles blend appropriately to provide a soft texture,” and added, “It is a good product to enjoy the taste of bottled beer cold outside.”. Reporter Park Dae-eui also said, “It has a clean taste that can be drunk without pressure due to its low bitterness and bitterness,” adding, “It is optimized to gulp down in the heat.”. Transparent bottles also received good reviews. “The design of the bottle has changed as it was renewed, and the transparent bottle and the blue label give a luxurious, refreshing and fresh feeling,” reporter Kim Hyo-hye said. “It’s good to see the contents inside by adopting a transparent bottle,” reporter Kang Min-ho said. “It was also amazing to see the idea that a hot sticker gives a good temperature to drink.”.

However, some say that it can be bland if you prefer a strong taste of beer. Reporter Park Dae-ui said, “It seems to be a bit bland for those who prefer a strong beer taste.”. Reporter Kang Min-ho also said, “The pros and cons before the renewal have become clear,” adding, “The coolness, which was a strength in previous products, has become stronger, but the blandness that was pointed out as a disadvantage has also become worse.”.

Hite Jinro’s Terra was cited as an advantage for its strong carbonated freshness. “The tangy taste of carbonic acid was strong, so it was refreshing,” reporter Kang Min-ho said. “It doesn’t even taste fishy that can fly from beer.”. “The exquisite harmony between carbonic acid and beer is excellent. Many people think 강남야구장 Terra is perfect if they want to enjoy beer full of freshness in the middle of summer,” reporter Kim Dae-ki said. “There is a clear difference in the degree to which the bubble rises when it is poured into the glass,” reporter Park Dae-eui said. “From the first taste, the feeling of strong carbonic acid hitting the mouth remains strong, and the hitting feeling remains until it goes to the neck.”. There were also favorable reviews of the disease. Reporter Kim Hyo-hye said, “A green bottle like a symbol of terra catches the eye,” and reporter Kang Min-ho noted, “The bottle has a good grip because it has a spinning pattern.”.

However, there were opinions that it lacked weight. “The first mouth is refreshing because it feels the coolness of carbonic acid in the throat, but the remaining weight is not enough,” reporter Kang Min-ho said. “Anyone who prefers the taste of heavy beer may not like it.”. Reporter Kim Hyo-hye also said, “Since the soft and clean taste is emphasized a lot, some consumers seem to feel a bit bland.”.

Lotte Chilsung Beverage’s Cloud Raw Draft received good reviews for its strong and strong taste. “It was impressive that soft bubbles were made naturally from the pour of the glass,” reporter Park Dae-eui said. “They seem to have caught the part that is important among beer lovers.”. “The strong scent of grain, tangy carbonic acid and refreshment are the strongest,” reporter Kim Hyo-hye said. “The color of beer is the strongest among the comparison products.”. “It is a beer that you can feel the feeling of ‘being thick’ from the first moment of crossing your throat to the end,” reporter Kim Dae-ki said. “The price is somewhat cheaper compared to competing products, so it is a good product in terms of price versus performance costs.”

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