There was so much on the menu that there were so many different kinds of liquor, including whiskey and vodka.

While staying at Shilla Stay in Ulsan, I went to Samsan-dong Rooftop Gangnam Baseball Stadium near by walking for about 10 minutes.
The atmosphere is nice and luxurious, so I recommend it because it’s a good place to stop by on a trip to Ulsan.

Gangnam Baseball Stadium located on the 18th floor of Samsan Tower

It’s on the 18th floor, and it’s on the top floor, so the rooftop and the view from the bar were great.​
The day we visited, we had a free La La Land show on Saturday.​
I think it would be better to have a drink at Gangnam Baseball Stadium. I would have been so happy if I knew it beforehand.
There was an event hall on the left and a smoking room.​
Overall, it’s very spacious, so I think it’s a good place to come as a group.
As it is a famous place for Ulsan rooftop, there were quite a few rooftop seats, but the table size was various, so enough people could use it, and it was divided into partitions, so you could use it privately.
I think you need to order more than a certain amount of outdoor rooftop seats, so I recommend you to ask.
I had some darts that I really liked, so I was drinking and playing darts.​
The dart machine seemed to be very clean and well maintained.
I rushed in an hour before the deadline due to a limited operating hours due to the cosy country, and almost all the tables were full.​
The Gangnam Baseball Stadium guests were in their 20s and 50s, and many families came, and it was a hot place for foreigners.
I wanted to sit at a table in front of the window where you can see the night view of Samsan-dong well, but the people sitting in the window seats went out and were lucky to be able to sit at the table right in front of the window.
Let me show you the menu of Ulsan Gangnam Baseball Stadium.
There was so much on the 강남야구장 menu that there were so many different kinds of liquor, including whiskey and vodka.
From Sweet Red Wine to Gangnam Baseball Stadium.

If I tell the bartender, it was noticeable that I could make my own Gangnam baseball stadium and eat it.

There were quite a few non-alcoholic menus.
There are non-alcoholic Virgin Mojitos and ade and juice, so those who can’t drink will feel free to visit.
Oh, I could choose coffee beans.​
When I looked around, most of the guests were drinking beer or baseball stadium in Gangnam.​
We had two draft Carlsberg beers.​
There were three types of draft beer: Carlsberg Blanc Black Beer.
I heard roast chicken is delicious, so we were going to order roast chicken, but we arrived about 50 minutes before the deadline, and I heard it would take about 30 minutes, so I drank two beers quickly and came back to the dorm.

I’m sorry, so I decided to visit early next time.
Carlsberg draft beer you just brought me.
It’s a lemon-flavored beer and it’s good to eat lightly.
The night view behind you is the best.
Night view from the 18th floor.

So far, Gangnam Baseball Stadium Bar with Ulsan Samsan-dong Roof Tower
It was the review of Gangnam Baseball Stadium.

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