Credit Guarantee Foundation to receive lower loan rates

Last time I got a self-employed loan letter, I went to the bank to find out, and I found out that it was a fraudulent letter. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you read the following article first. I need money right now, so I almost got it, but let’s be careful not to be scammed.

2021 Corona, be careful with the loan fraud. I’m gonna get hit too!

Don’t ever call a small business loan fraud text! I almost got meticulous. I can afford anything.

I knew it was a fraud, I asked the bank window if there were any other loan products, and I found that there was no interest for the first year, and there was interest from the second year, and there was a low interest loan product. The name is a loan product called the Credit Guarantee Foundation’s small business owner interest-free special guarantee. It is a loan received by a bank, but you can think of it as a loan product that is not done by the bank alone but with the local credit guarantee foundation with the business operator. I thought that the first year was a low interest rate from the second year on interest-free, which I could not get. ;

I found out last month and I tried to apply, but April was already closed with a limit of exhaustion, so I applied for a reservation as soon as the announcement was made in May this month. I received it through the website of Incheon Credit Guarantee Foundation where the business site I apply is located.

If you apply for a consultation reservation, you can get the following texts (note that May is now closed with a four-step limit of 22.5 billion won; those who apply must move quickly.)

The documents to be prepared for the application for the special guarantee of interest-free interest of the credit guarantee foundation are the business registration certificate, the business lease contract, and the representative ID card. Please note that the representative should visit in person.

The Incheon Credit Guarantee Foundation’s Gyeyang branch is located right after Imhak Station. It goes up to the fourth floor by elevator.

As soon as I get off the elevator on 폰테크 the fourth floor, I have a notice on the loan product of the credit guarantee foundation, which is a small business, and it is a little confusing because there are many names. But I’ll post it on the website. It’s also called Corona 19 interest-free management stabilization fund. The application for the fourth stage is scheduled to be accepted on May 3, but the application has already been closed before that because it is a first come, first served basis.

It’s a notice for a free interest-free special guarantee for small business owners. The important thing about the loan is the amount and the loan.

It is 5 years (one year, four years of installment repayment of principal) with 20 million won loan; the loan rate is said to be about 1 year interest-free for the first year, and about 1 percent for the next four years. It is ambiguous to say that it is only 1% or more, so to be precise, it is a form of receiving 1.5% from Incheon city at interest rate added 2% to CD interest rate. So if the interest rate on bank loans is 3% from the second year, Incheon city will support 1.5%, so it is only 1.5%.

However, one more thing to not miss here is that the guarantee rate is separate. In the case of Incheon Credit Guarantee Foundation, the guarantee rate of 0.8% is paid in advance. If you get 20 million won in loans, you have to pay as much as 51 months in advance. The amount will be about 700,000 won.Please note that you should not only look at the loan rate but also consider the guarantee rate together.

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