Thanks to the well-picked Olive Young massage gel,

Lately, back and back muscles have been…
The stiffness didn’t go away.
That’s why I used to go there.
I was thinking of going to a specialty shop.
Sometimes I 출장안마 don’t want to go out.
I’m afraid I’m worried.
I tried home care alone at home!
At first, I borrowed a massage from my sister.
I was trying to relax my muscles.
It doesn’t feel cool at all.
It felt rather worse.
I ended up rubbing my shoulders alone.
I asked my boyfriend for a massage.
Olive Young massage gel used in the shop.
He asked me to try it on.

Be careful before you choose!>

That’s why I searched so hard.
I like Olive Young products.
He’s famous and trustworthy.
With a few brands in my head,
I’ve checked to make sure it’s safe.
But the more I look into it, the more I look into it.
Olive Young has a lot of products.
There’s more than one thing to consider.

If you write anything casually,
Hotness and heat are basic.
Because of the trouble and inflammation.
There were a lot of people who suffered.
out of concern
I’d rather choose another Olive Young product.
More carefully and meticulously.
from ingredients to manufacturing method
I compared every single one of them.

Everywhere in the body, universally.
It’s a product I use.
Most of the massage gel products are…
It was slightly acidic.
I’m usually
Every time I pick a basic cosmetic,
I always check my acidity.
She’s more sensitive than anyone else.
If the acidity is too high or too low,
There’s a lot of stimulation going on.
It’s a product that needs to be used all over the body.
When choosing Olive Young massage gel,
I had to pay more attention to acidity.

Glycerin is the cause of dryness!>
In most cosmetics,
It’s almost all glycerin.
As harmless as it is to the human body, I’ve been…
I’ve trusted you and used you.
So when you pick a gel,
Why are you using a glycerin-free product?
I didn’t understand if I had to choose.
But when you do couple massage,
When you massage your entire body evenly,
Especially in sensitive skin, such as the Y-zone.
Glycerin causes osmotic pressure.
It makes the body dry.
They say it’s breaking the balance.
Health comes first and foremost.
It’s a glycerin-free product.
I think it’s wise to choose.

What about the massage gel I chose?>
There are a few other criteria.
I’ve been looking at it.
As you can see, I bought a Heavenzel.
I chose it for my health.
It was even more satisfying when I used it!
Let me start with the basic ingredients.
It was a good weak acid at pH 4.5.
I didn’t even have glycerin to worry about.
In addition, in the EWG.
As much as they all got green numbers,
There are no harmful chemicals in the body.
I could see it at a glance.

But most of all, the thing I fell in love with is…
Bulgarian organic lavender.
It contained 93.95%.
What I’ve compared and considered.
Most of the Olive Young brand’s products are…
More than 90% of the water is purified.
Instead of water, it’s the world’s greatest lavender producer.
Flower Sura Airborne from Bulgaria.
Klaus was a different premium.

I usually like the scent of lavender.
Air freshener, inner perfum, essential stick.
I used the lavender scent.
Maybe it’s because it’s full of moisture.
Of all the scents I’ve ever smelled, this is…
It was like a real flower.
It’s a safe organic lavender.
It’s fresher on the skin.
It felt really gentle.

Lactobacillus & Arginine, Whitening?>
Lactobacillus, good for women.
To the benefit of men.
I’ve been taking care of your skin was healthy.
Certified for skin whitening function
It also contains niacinamide.
With clean, moist skin.
I could look forward to whitening.
I just happened to get a beauty item 🙂

It’s a waterbase, so it flows naturally.
It was a texture that didn’t stick.
It applies very well.
It was full of moisture.
With just a little pump,
Wide areas such as the back and thighs.
I could’ve covered it all at once.
Roughly boyfriend’s
I’m applying all my back.
Squeeze it four or five times.
I’ve got enough left!
A little bit of 120ml.
I thought it wasn’t enough.
I’ve used it twice.
It hardly diminishes.

In the case of tight muscles,
When you’re massaging yourself,
Not as compared as before.
I could’ve let you off the hook.
With very little force on the fingertips.
The muscles inside the body are one by one.
I felt like I could touch everything.
I came back from work.
To relieve the fatigue of the day.
I didn’t have this much self-care item.

When I first thought about Olive Young massage gel,
Oil, silicon, water-soluble, etc.
Which texture will fit me.
I didn’t get to choose easily.
With the latest trends.
I looked up the reviews, and they were getting…
I’m attracted to the water-soluble side.
The fat-soluble oil slips after use.
It’s unpleasant because of the residue.
It’s not easy to wipe with water alone.
It takes longer to clean than to massage.
There were a lot of people complaining.

So I chose a water-soluble massage gel.
When I first used it, I was suspicious.
It’s definitely a water base.
When I put it on my skin, it’s like oil.
It looked smooth and slippery?
But when I actually wiped it,
Strangely enough, the gel melts down.
I wiped it all at once.
It’s not a burden to use it like this.
Every day after work like a daily item.
I’m getting a massage with this!

Thanks to the well-picked Olive Young massage gel,
I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a while.
Have a good time.
I’ve been feeling a little stiff.
Well, it paid off hard work.
It’s been a while since I’ve been doing indoor activities.
If you’re thinking about it,
How do you like the Heaven Gel I’ve used?
I’m writing it really well without regrets.

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