It’s only for women, not for business trips, so you can use the shower with confidence.

Jinhee’s life is so busy but boring these days at home, work, and 3 times a week at the gym.
The side effects of endometriosis hormone injection have increased fatigue and are living like drooping laundry.

Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling well. Especially, because of the long-sitting marketer’s job, my neck and shoulders are very tight.
I was not feeling well and had time left, so I went to Juan for a special business trip.

The Juan business trip massage I visited is Blossom therapy.
The location is located in an alley next to Incheon Sarang Hospital, which anyone in Incheon knows.
It’s also close to Juan Station or Incheon Subway Line 2 Citizens Park Station.
I walked from Citizens Park Station on Line 2 of Incheon Subway Station and it was close.

It’s Blossom therapy business massage shop located in the alley next to the hospital.
You can also make a reservation at Matong, an application exclusively for business trips.
You can use a business trip massage at a discounted price.
If you are a modern person who is uncomfortable calling, you can make a reservation through these applications!

What’s a Swedish business trip?

The business trips Jinhee has received so far are dry ones.
As the name suggests, dry business massage is a business massage that does not use oil.
It’s a massage that you can relax your muscles by tapping and rubbing your hands like a sports massage.
Unlike dry business massage, Swedish business massage is a wet business massage that applies lubricants such as oil and lotion to the body and gently rubs it, which is said to be a traditional European business massage method.
Especially, it gently touches the lymph and circulates it.
I thought it would be perfect for Jin-hee, who is swollen due to poor circulation after surgery.

Anyway, I went to Blossom Therapy, where you can get a women’s swede skirt.
It was written on the wall as soon as I entered.
Refreshing and light? I think it’s a phrase that expresses after getting a business trip massage. I’m already looking forward to seeing you lightweight body.

Designed with sensuous interior Women’s suede

It shows off its sensuous interior like a business trip shop that only female customers receive.
My favorite mother-of-pearl wall and turquoise wall!
Juan’s business trip, Blossom therapy, unlike other places, seemed to have paid a little attention to the interior design.
The color and interior atmosphere. It’s not a business trip massage shop, but it’s like a bar with a good atmosphere.

I scan the business trip massage shop with my eyes and change into comfortable shoes.
The slippers in stock aren’t hard three-line slippers, they’re soft and comfortable.

Each light and each prop makes the blossom therapy feel sentimental.

This is a Blossom therapy program that you can get sweatshirts for women.
We looked at the Swedish course, the signature of Juan Blossom Therapy.
Sports+Aroma+Swedish rear part is available at a lower price if you pay with a membership price.
Oh, and I looked for Romiromi on the 120 minute course.
It turns out that I don’t drink traditional Hawaiian business trips.

Isn’t it amazing that you feel a traditional Hawaiian massage?

Sensuous interior for women’s exclusive swede business trip massage shop!

What surprised me here was that there was no one who didn’t care about every single space.
With various props and lighting, it gives off strange vibes and it’s amazing.
It feels like you can’t see it at a regular business trip massage shop.
Especially in the case of the statue, it was so unique that I looked at it several times.

Women’s suede shirt for the first time I received it!

It’s my first time getting a Chinese style sports massage and a Swedish massage with oil on.
When I got a dry business trip massage, I was screaming a lot because it hurt. When I got Swedish, they gave me a warm oil to massage the lymph. It calmed me down and relaxed.
It was definitely a different feeling from dry food.
Also, touch the shoulders or legs properly with appropriate pressure, not just soft.
He eased my nervous body for a week.

Clean shower room and toiletries!

Unlike dry business trips, Juan Swedish is a wet business trip massage with oil, so showering before and after the business trip is essential.
In addition to providing hygienic disposable underwear, the shower also features simple toiletries such as soap and body shampoo to cleanse the oil.
Dryer and cotton swab comb are also available.
Also, you can use the shower room with confidence because it is only for women, not for both men and women.

The skin lotion in the shop is not cheap, but I think it’s a pretty good product.
When I applied it after a sticky shower, the moisture dryer was not weak, so I was able to dry it quickly.

After getting a swede, I came out in a good mood, and I took a picture of pretty flowers blooming in front of the park.
My legs are swollen because I don’t move that much.
Before I visited Juan Blossom Therapy, my swollen calves became stiff, but after getting a massage, I sat in the park and 출장안마 touched my calves, and my swollen calves were loosened.
Maybe because I stimulated the lymph through Swedish, the swelling seemed to have gone away.

So I went to a women’s massage shop in Juan.
It’s only for women, so it’s nice to get a private massage.
If you want to relieve your tiredness for a week, how about Blossom Terapy BLS9?
You’ll be able to feel a lot better!

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