Besides, you’re laughing so hard.

My stomach system has been hurting lately.
A mild pain in the pelvis waist,
I’ve got knee pain on top of course.
I’m trying to relax and recover muscles.
I found the Mangwon Station Massage.

I’m on a weekly basis.
I tend to schedule after work in advance.
I made a reservation call about 7 days in advance and made a reservation.
It doesn’t take long to walk from Mangwon Station.
It’s also very close to the bus stop.

It’s on the third floor of the yellow chicken building, so it’s very convenient to visit.

The Mapo Subinskin 짭까사이 and Body I went to,
You take care of your skin and shrink your face.
It was a place where I specialized in body care.
There are many different programs.
Mangwon-dong, famous for its magical hands.
I heard the rumor that you’re the director.
Because I made a reservation for 60 minutes!

I’ve decided to take a 60-minute course.
I think you got the requirements as a gift. Haha

He seemed to be an expert in body shape and posture correction.

Of course, in order to do these things,
You’re gonna have to get your muscles and your blood together, right?
I think there was a certificate or something on the right side over there!

It’s a place where you can take care of your skin.
Aesthetic cosmetics were also on display.
I change my clothes in the changing room.

As soon as you show me.
Try changing into a gown or a steamer suit or top/bottom.

It’s a full-body suit, so I don’t want you to take off your underwear.
It’s good for relaxation.
So I can clean it up after I get my hands on it.
There was a lot of stuff.

This is a place with so many different things.
I haven’t seen you in a long time.
I walked into the maintenance room.

Mr. Subin Skin and Body,
Let’s take off our indoor shoes.
on one’s feet
Slowly bend down and tell him to go down.
He told me to bend my back.

The overall movement of the waist,
Body balance,
He’s checking for flexibility, etc.

Actually, when I first visited,
What’s wrong with you?
When you asked me where I wanted to get my attention,
I just said shoulder and neck.
I’ve been tested like this.
My back doesn’t work well, and I think I have back pain.

His pelvis is crooked.

Next, sit in a regular position.
I tried to turn my neck from side to side to side.
My neck didn’t turn sideways.

I’m done with all the body care.
Try the first moves you tested again!!
He said his back is not as good as I thought.
It’s because I’m young.
If you leave it like this for the long term, your back pain will get worse!
Especially with severe shoulder asymmetry.
The left rib’s up.
You took care of that part and saw it.

It’s not a whole body massage concept.
It catches and releases lumps of muscle, blood, etc.
You can think of it as a chiropractic massage.

Especially before I visited the telescopic massage site.
He’s indigestion, gastritis, reflux esophagitis.
I was taking medicine.

Actually, the day I went to get a massage,
I had a very bad stomach condition.
She’s bloated.

But you’re not supposed to have a massage that makes your stomach comfortable.
Maybe it’s because of your concentration.
My stomach was really uncomfortable.
It’s light and comfortable.
This was the most interesting part.
Especially, I have a bad back.
Put your legs in a row and tie them in a band.
He lifted up and gave me a waist massage.

Wow, my back is so bad. I could feel somebody.

Rather than being sick throughout the massage,
It feels like it’s unraveling.
I found a bad part of my body that I didn’t know.
I was able to trust you when I saw you press it made me trust you.

And after the massage,
Do the first test action again.

Bend your back in a regular position and stretch your arms.
Bend your back back, twist your back from side to side
Sit down, twist your neck from side to side, and so on!

It’s stiff until you get a telescopic massage.
I felt like I was getting caught somewhere.
It’s cool after the massage.
The angle is better deflected.
I could clearly feel the softness of the joints.

Besides, you’re laughing so hard.
It’s kind of you.

That makes me feel good ^^
It’s getting cooler!

I’m asymmetric. I’m very unbalanced.
I’m thinking of getting a proofreading program or something like that!

Seongsan-dong Masaji, which is close to my house.
I think it’ll be easy to go around~

If you ride a ttareung, you can go home quickly!!

It’s a really good release near Mangwon Station.
If you find a full body massage,
Make a reservation for Subin Skin & Body!

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