Lastly, the evening is the hottest skyning these days.

It’s Eonning Jieun Tech.
I can feel the summer is coming!

In the summer, especially to prevent the hot sun and rain, we look for eonning.

Today, we’ve been working on the site of Earnings Tech’s.
I’m going to show you the pictures and tell you about the colorful annings.
I’d like to explain it to you, so please pay a lot of attention and focus.

First of all, the first earring we’re going to look at is folding earning.
A lot of people think or say that an evening is an evening ^^
Foldable annings are divided into manual and electric.

What’s the difference?

Manual anning literally means folding and opening the anning
It’s a handle-to-hand operation.
The electric anning is operated using a motor.

I’m a six-meter-wide writer.
I recommend you to operate it with an electric earring.
The lower part of the system is the manual earring.
I recommend it.

Next is fixed anning.

Fixed annings are more important than functional aspects of anning.
Many people install it to use it as an interior effect or sign.​

If you go out on the street these days, you’ll see a sign that’s pretty or special.
These are the signs.

At the same time, to cover the sun’s rays or to keep the rain out.
It has a function, so I can say it’s all good.

The last thing I’m going to look at is the hottest anning these days.
It’s skyning.

This eunning, also known as Pagora, is a great idea.
Uncoverable by folding annings and fixed annings
It is possible to design a multi-faceted area.
It’s Eonning.

It’s not produced in Korea yet.
It is imported from Europe and used.
The durability is particularly robust, making it more robust than any other structure.
You can think of it as strong.

It was originally a wedding hall, a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, etc.
You’ve installed a lot, but these days, private houses and villas are also install a lot.

Today, I’m going to show you a little bit of the kind of appearance that
I showed you.

The perfect weather for a car wash these days.

There’s a big temperature difference.
I washed my car during the day because it was as warm as spring.

Sky Zone Office of Soju Self Car Washing Shop

I visited you during the daytime on weekdays.
There’s been no traffic, no one’s here.
I did a full shot.

Soju Premium Self Wash Shop

Installation of 1000 pyeong sky-on-the-air
Completed high pressure/hot water/foam gun/lower wash 스카이어닝 function

You can use the IC card conveniently and use the car wash.
10% bonus charge when charging your card!

High pressure cleaning gun Foam gun Foam brush can be used.

Kkodil is washing the car at Carnival.

First, press the high-pressure washing button.
It removes dirt and dust from the body with water.

The remaining soil and dust are the causes of residual gases during the car wash!

Next, press the foam gun wash button.
Spread bubbles evenly on the body!

Among Samsung Blind PPL?

a wash bay foam brush
Clean the entire area first.
I cleaned every corner with a car wash sponge.

Look, I’m good at washing my car.
Why don’t you lift your hands at home?

Spray it again and wash the foam.
Move to the interior wash zone

Washing and wiping after washing with dry cleaning
This is the hardest thing for me. Carnival is so big.

Clean the inside of the car with a vacuum cleaner and an air gun.
Meanwhile, the thumb is cleaning the mat (division)

After I’ve washed my car,
I’m finally done washing my car.

It’s dark after the car wash.
They said they’d do it quickly, but time really flies.

But I’m glad it’s shiny.

Next time, we will come to you with more variety!

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