Today, I’m going to briefly talk about why your muscles don’t increase and your size remains the same even if you exercise.

Hello, I’m Moon Woo Guk.
Today, I’m going to briefly talk about why your muscles don’t increase and your size remains the same even if you exercise.
Low Weight High Repeat

First of all, we need to check if you are exercising too lightly.
You exercise every day, but your muscles may not be big if you exercise with low weight and high repetition stimulating your muscles as if they were about to tear.
The first thing we need to know is that there are two main types of muscle fibers in our body.
There is a root called Type I and a root called Type II, and the Type II root is divided into a less fastidious Type IIa and a fast Type IIx.

And these muscles have their own order of strength. If you usually do heavy weight exercises and do light weight exercises,
Type I is the only muscle fiber that works out. It’s not heavy, so Type II muscles don’t work out.
However, if you do high repetition, the blood flow is supplied to the Type I 주짓수 myofibrofibre, and you pump it, but you don’t actually use Type II muscles.
When I see myself pumped so far, I may think, “I worked out again today,” but it’s only temporary and I’ll be back for the first time after a while.

When you increase the weight, more muscle fibers are accompanied and the Type IIa muscles begin to work.
If you put more weight on it, it works from here to Type IIx, which contributes a lot to bloating.

Then won’t the muscles grow bigger? I’m afraid not. But you can know that it doesn’t grow very well.
For example, there is a lot of muscle in the soles of the feet. If my muscles are well-bred, I’ll use my foot muscles every time we walk.
I would have gotten taller.

Here’s the ticket from Chapter 1 of the NSCA. It’s a feature of each muscle fiber.

Muscle band exercise methods are similar, but they vary slightly from person to person to person.
In general, when asked what to do with the musculoskeletal exercise, the weight up to Type IIx * 8-12 exercises are the most muscular exercises.
I think it’s better not to exceed 5 sets. If it’s over 5 sets, it’d be better to increase the weight and reduce the number of sets.

As you can see the attached photo below, it’s 67-85% per 1rm for 6-12 3-6 sets of rest 30 seconds-1 minute and 30 seconds.
Wake up the nervous system to use your strength!
To increase muscle mobilization, we wake up the nervous system connected to many muscle fibers, and when the nervous system is trained to some extent, the musculature appears afterwards.
And then what contributes to muscle improvement is that the muscle mass is bigger than the nerve factor, and if you do exercise above a certain weight and you don’t get muscle mass anymore, you have to raise the weight to wake up the other new nerves, raise the muscle mass.

And I think you can make a program for your exercise purpose and exercise.
I think the body to be good at jujitsu is more about stretching and muscular endurance than muscular strength.
Everyone, enjoy yourselves without any injuries.

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