A big, thick band is a very comfortable fit

Roger Debuss Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbilon Diamond

The watch I will introduce this time is a product that is being launched in the Roger DeVue brand with a very unique 레플리카 design, but also luxurious and futuristic feeling.

Roger DeVue products have a lot of products that show unique designs from big models.

There are a variety of products, but Excalibur products represent the Roger DeVue brand.

The model is a model made of Tour Billon among Excalibur products, and it boasts a very high ransom.

This product has a small size, so it is made to fill the wrists of men.

The case material is made of titanium, so it has a very light weight, so you can feel a very comfortable fit. It is also a product that makes the matte titanium material sporty and masculine feel good.

In the direction of the city, there is a large bean, and the flute type bean is used to make the grooves to enhance the grip.

On the side of Yongdu, the Roger Debus brand’s unique logo is carved to give points.

Bezel shows the glamor and luxury while making use of the unique feeling of Excalibur.

Bezel, which has a design that looks like a tire of a huge car, is a feature of Roger Debussy Excalibur products.

Five square diamonds fill the bezel in each of the bezels, which gives a very luxurious feeling as a whole.

The neat and elaborately crafted diamonds are filled with bezels, capturing a clear eye.

The dial is futuristic and full of personality.

The black carbon skeleton is like a web, and the interior is visible so that you can see the overall movement design and dial design at a glance.

In the direction of one hour of this skeleton shape, it made a star shape with a skeleton and produced the characteristics of Roger Debuss product.

The steel part in the direction of the time is designed like the heart of a clock, making it really unique, and at 7 o’clock, the huge flying tour vilon move comes into sight, and dynamic moving gears and second hand hands are catching the eye.

Hands is also made of titanium, and it is made with a unique and masculine design, which makes sporty feeling and enhances cyanosis.

The ends of the dial’s skeleton are all connected to the inner bezel.

The inner bezel is also made in black, and hexagonal screws are in every hour, and the scales are drawn between the screws and the screws to check the exact time.

At 12 o’clock, the Roger DeVue brand name is large in white color, giving points and holding the center.

The big tour vilon movement is put in, and the recessed part is put in the 7 o’clock direction so that you can see the sophisticated and unique design again.

The band is made of a thick black crocodile leather band, which is luxurious and adds to the charm of Excalibur products.

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