I started off on a line that was not burdensome

The way to roll funds is to make a difference.

That’s a really important part.

The reason for recommending financial technology

To do a good job.

This time, we are reviewing the financial asset recommendation

I’m not gonna let you know

I realized.

Make efforts to sell because you have a lot of cosmetics

Good Inseldom Kim Ki-chun at Seoul Headquarters

I could recognize a lot of things.

I’ve been interested in recommending financial assets since last year

I’ve been studying.

I wanted to do well, so I bought a book and did it.

The best way to do this is to increase your income.

I don’t think that’s a good idea

The good reason is that you can invest

I think that’s what it is.

I recently went to Inseldum Cafe

They are selling cosmetics while investigating and doing side jobs.

I wanted a financial technology recommendation

I am happier for the future with my family.

Because I wanted to live.

It is a brand with a systematic process

There were many things that helped raise income.

I get a lot of tips on income creation

I’m being recommended for financial technology

You can try.

If you’re wondering how your profits are going up

You can also check the benefits at the cafe.

Let’s look at the know-how of cosmetics sales

I think you can start with something powerful.

I started with a lot of cosmetics

It’s a variety of things.

the property of cosmetic dissimilars and income is enhanced

You can see many good ways.

It is good for financial and financial technology recommendations because of the various benefits

I can try to keep it stable.

I can get a price for my work

The items are satisfactory and the benefits are high

It’s really fun.

And that’s where you can work constantly

I hope you try it before you raise money.

It takes a certain period of time to raise money

We have to have a place to do it.

I need financial investment recommendations

I might need some money.

How to raise concerns about funds

I think you can think about it.

a man who wants to make a profit

If you’re here, I’ll need it

It’s a good brand to find out.

You’ll benefit from this and work here.

I want you to raise the funds

The elderly population will exceed 10 million, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In an aging society, the average life expectancy is increasing.

In retrospect, I have rarely been educated about health care and investment in schools since I was a child.

It was impossible because I thought I should study financial technology from now on.

But you can’t invest in stocks or funds you don’t know now.

So interest is too low these days to make stable savings.

Friends who do business or business won’t tell me

These days, he says, there is no job as good as a worker.

The more difficult the economy is, the more private people do business.

Jay, you 폰테크 were hit hard.

But in the economic field

Same worker.

Corona, which has been going on

I will work at home

The anti-strength has greatly reduced the salary.

I couldn’t because I didn’t want to work at home.

That was not acceptable

The company was also affected and was forced to do so.

Pay has been drastically reduced and fixed spending is fixed.

I don’t think I can see this.

I thought I should make a little different income.

It’s not like it’s going to make you so stable

At first it was awkward and unfamiliar

Now, thanks to this deal, you’ll have to pay a fixed salary.

You can generate additional income

I was negative about the family-based work

The margin deal has become interesting.

I also got a chance to spend time as a reward.

Many people invested in this investment than they thought.

I saw a lot of information before I made a margin deal.

I could do it if I saw the actual case.

I didn’t know how to start, but it wasn’t hard in itself

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