Jiujitsu is effective enough to be called invincible for dieting.

Many people are curious about the meaning of Pilates.

Pilates is a type of health exercise founded by a German sports researcher named Josef Pilates.
He was a physical education teacher who enjoyed violent sports such as skiing and diving.
But in his childhood, he was weak and had a lot of illness.
Pilates was a health exercise program for prisoners of war.
Pilates is a representative indoor exercise.
Josef Pilates studied various exercise methods for healthy living in World War I.

At that time, he was an intern at the Lancaster concentration camp.
This method of exercise research was used for the health of prisoners.
It is ironic that a German invented Pilates for the health of prisoners in Germany, which massacred many Israelis in World War II.
Pilates is an instrument exercise that uses a variety of instruments to correct the balance of the body.
Pilates later moved to the United States and began to distribute Pilates.

Now it is a situation that is widely spread to the general public all over the world.
I mean…
Pilates developed Pilates for rehabilitation, not for diet.
It’s made for prisoners who are weak, malnourished, and have little muscle or lack physical strength.
In the end, Pilates aims to improve the weak constitution and rehabilitate health.
Pilates can be done by weak patients without consuming too much physical strength.
Pilates has a lot of feeling that it combines weight training with yoga and breathing techniques.

It is an act of repetition necessary for a continuous movement of exercise, which reduces pain and stimulates muscles, which is similar to the exercise of a fitness club that we know well.
However, Pilates considers the lower abdomen and hips called the “power house” as energy sources.
The approach itself has a different context from the muscle growth training method of weight training.
Those who want Pilates to find vitality in life need to study Pilates.
It is characterized by inserting breathing patterns into all movements to increase flexibility and muscle activation.
Pilates is not about building muscles, but about improving flexibility and strengthening muscle strength and correcting posture.
Through the process of exercising, you can see the calming effect.
It is a health exercise that relieves tension and reduces stress.
On the other hand, let’s find out about jujitsu.

There are many kinds of jiujitsu. The number of jiujitsu is the number of jiujitsu.
Martial arts that men and women enjoy together.
Jujitsu is written in Chinese characters and is read as Jiu-Jitsu in English.

It is called jujutsu in Japanese pronunciation, and it only sounds a little different depending on the pronunciation of each country, but the meaning is different.
Jiu-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art based on bopping, screaming, kicking, pressing, and breaking.
It is classified as a form of the previous high-current martial arts of judo founded by Kano Chigoro.
In the end, Jiu-Jitsu also presupposes that martial arts was not made for diet purposes.
Jujitsu, which is the most popular in Europe, has been gaining popularity since college.
Yusul is a jiu jitsu that originated in Brazil.
Jujitsu is divided into Daitō Aiki Jujitsu, Aiki Jujitsu, Brasilian Jujitsu, and Europian Jujitsu, and Brazil has Jujitsu Yusu.
Since there are more than hundreds of different kinds of art, you can learn various interesting contents by studying the characteristics of each jiujitsu.
Today, we’re going to talk about the diet effect of Jiu-Jitsu.
Jujitsu at New York Station is the birthplace of women’s power, which accounts for 70 percent of women.
What is said to be effective in dieting varies widely depending on the specificity of the exercise and how much calories it consumes.
First of all, it is the lasting effect of exercise.
Let’s say you wake up at 4 a.m. and run on the riverside.
If you keep running for an hour for a year, you lose weight and lose weight.
However, it is hard to make the continuity of exercise.
Lose weight while learning skills from Jiu-Jitsu, Yusul helps you.
First of all, it’s hard to get up early in the morning and exercise.
In modern society, it is never light to get up at dawn and exercise because sleep is always lacking.
Secondly, it is not sustainable because I exercise outdoors.
If it rains, you can’t exercise, if it snows, if it’s too cold, you can’t do it, and if it’s too cold, you can’t do it, and the biggest disadvantage
The third is that it’s not fun.
Running is a very good diet exercise, but it’s not fun because it’s just a simple run to speed up the heart rate.
The most important thing in diet is the interest of people who exercise.
Even if it’s an exercise that burns less calories, anyone can own a healthy and beautiful body if it’s sustainable.
In that sense, Jiu-Jitsu is effective enough to be called invincible for dieting.
I can’t keep up with the art of dieting effect.

We select and guide only the best technology. It’s the best for women’s diets. If you enjoy exercising, you lose weight by yourself. I become healthier and thinner than Pilates.
Brazil has the largest number of female members.
I mentioned earlier.The Yusul, which is under the slogan of Brazilian mixed martial arts, is a martial art.

The process of learning martial arts is so fun and each and every skill is interesting, so once you enter the program, you will train for the last two to three years.
You can’t help but lose weight.
In particular, the pulling movement of the jujitsu kickboxing and the pushing 주짓수 movement of martial arts have the advantage of properly stimulating the inner and outer muscles of the muscles, which requires less strength and doubles the diet effect.
Jiu Jitsu’s female membership is 99% slim, and they are getting thinner due to their skills.
In fact, female trainees account for 70 percent of the Jujitsu Yusul Gymnasium.

In general, we lose an average of 5kg a month, and in 3 months, we lose 15kg.
Dieting should be more fun than anything else.
In the case of Yusul, people in modern society like interesting things, and all programs are organized in an interesting configuration, making it the most popular.
Jujitsu is also very good for strong female self-defense.
Today, we looked at the diet effects of Pilates and Jiu-Jitsu.

According to the experience of a female member who trains at a school, Pilates is beneficial for improving health and postural correction, while the art of art can have great effects on self-defense and diet effects.
And I highly recommend jujitsu!

We looked into the difference between pilates and jujitsu.
I’ll come back with a more interesting topic next time.

If you ask us, we will give you detailed training instructions on Jiu-Jitsu’s magic diet.

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