It wasn’t like getting a massage chair.

Hello, everyone.
I usually enjoy exercising.
I got a PT and went to the gym hard.
Because of Corona, I haven’t been able to get around much lately.
Besides, I’ve been telecommuting.
I don’t have to go out.
I was sick and tired all over.~
Even when you wake up, you’re still stiff and squishy.
I didn’t feel like I slept. I was so tired.
Now that I’m feeling this bad and sick,
I’m stressed out. I’m tired.
I have a lot on my mind.
So I thought a lot about what to do.
I’ve tried stretching, but nothing’s improved.

And then, through the Internet search,
I got to know Han Song-soo, famous for Ilsan Massage.
I didn’t know this place was this famous.
I looked it up, and everyone’s got a headache.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a lot of improvement in
He’s got a lot of reviews.
I read reviews and reviews carefully.
I tend to visit everywhere.
I’ve come to believe in these reviews.
Especially when they say 부천건마 that you can correct your spine or pelvis.
Poor posture, I came right in.

Before we go in, it’s very…
I got the impression that it’s neat.
I thought the inside of the shop would be clean, too.
And for your health, I’ve got a massage.
I’m gonna take it periodically, and I’m gonna have to do it
I thought you’d better let him go.
I’ve come to visit you. Haha
I’m going to tell you that your whole body’s pressure is cool.
I’ve seen him a lot, so I’m looking forward to it.

I went inside, and there were plants.
Certification certificates, articles, etc.
It was stuck on the wall.
It’s reliable, and at the same time, the interior is neat.
I feel comfortable.
I already felt like I was healing.
Ever since I started telecommuting,
There’s not much to go around.
I don’t get to meet people very often.
It’s getting harder and more tired.
I felt like I wasn’t feeling well.crying
Like you’re stuck somewhere.
I had a lot of bad vibes.
So I’m gonna take this opportunity to get a cool massage.
I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to be okay.

Just go in there and see where I’m sick,
My whole body is stiff and stiff.
I told you.
He waited a little bit and gave me a foot bath right away.
Something’s in the water, something warm. It’s warm.
It’s purple, so it’s very fresh.
And I’m soaking it, I feel sleepy.
Feeling relaxed all over!
Every time I work,
His muscles were stiff and tense.
I could already feel it coming.

You’re wiping it clean like this.
It’s very, very difficult to give someone a foot bath.
It’s a good thing. LOL
He’s definitely a good service, and he’s kind.
I’ll ask you about the massage you’re getting today.
He asked me exactly which part was uncomfortable.

And then we went to bed!
This professional-looking, neat room.
It came out.
There’s a hole in the head.
Overall, it’s like a real medical application.
I thought he was professional.
I think I liked it.
Plus, the facilities are neat and private.
You can close the curtains if you want.
You can come with your husband or your parents.
I thought it’d be nice to have a bunch of beds.
I thought it would be a good date course.

First of all, I’m going to take the uncomfortable part.
You’ve diagnosed it correctly.
I thought your shoulders were too tight.
You work, you do housework at the same time.
I think it’s because I’ve been sitting there all the time.
As I grew older, my whole body was broken.
I’ve told you everything that hurts.
I want you to adjust your posture little by little.
She was squeezing me in some sick places, and it was really cool.
That I’m sick or hardened.
You’ve even released the parts that you didn’t feel.

Especially on the shoulders and back.
He’s loosening up his muscles.
He’s got a lot of hand strength.
One of the Ilsan Massage Shops,
This place wasn’t famous.
Well, in my review, I had a really bad headache.
I’ve been feeling much better since I got here.
I’ve seen him a lot.
It’s just that the whole body is connected.
I think you’re right. ^^
It’s cool for me, too.
I even felt like my head was clearing up.
I feel like my stiff muscles are loosening up.
Since then, I’ve been glad to be here.

Not only the shoulders, but also the scalp.
She’s giving me a massage with acupressure.
The Ilsan Massage Shops I visited,
It was completely different.
How could you pick up such a sore spot?
I don’t know if the pressure is strong.
You’re pressing down with your fingers.
There were some parts that hurt a little bit, some parts were cool.
I’ll take it, and then I can’t believe it.
I feel like my head is clear and my body is light.
I think I’ve improved a lot on the nerves.
I’m under a lot of stress, a lot of work and housework.
I was worried about it in many ways, but it felt like it was going down at once.

And then you gave me a foot massage.
It’s interesting that you’re squeezing my foot.
The whole body is cool and circulating.
I feel like it’s going well.
From what I hear, the feet are the same as our body’s
I heard it’s connected to the entire organ.
I could definitely feel it.
Before I came here for a massage,
I didn’t know there were clumped muscles in the foot.
You’re going through all these details.
He made it cool. crying
It wasn’t like getting a massage chair.

Even the neck area, the posture correction.
You’ve been working with us.
These days, people look at smartphones a lot.
I often sit in front of my laptop and work.
It’s often a turtle neck with a bad posture.
And this bad posture, the whole body’sucked up.
They say it could be a reason for fatigue.
Maybe that’s why they’re holding me like this.
I had a lot of feelings of coolness.
I don’t know if there’s any discomfort or pain in the process.
They’re going through all the details, and they’s asking.
I thought it was kind. Haha
You’ve been wearing a mask all the time.
I was able to get the Ilsan massage with confidence.

I don’t know if it’s because the back and shoulders are loosened.
By the time I’m done, I’m feeling cool.
It felt like my heart was relieved.

You’re pressing down like this.
It felt like my usual back was loosening.

Last calf and ankle!
Everywhere you go, everywhere.
I’ve been under systemic pressure, and that’s why I’m so tired.
It was a great day.
It’s really worth the money and the time.
I’m feeling a lot better. Haha
I’m not tired, I’m not tired at all right?
I’m not worried!

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