Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan service. It’s a good season to clean up the store’s glass sign.

Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan service. It’s a good season to clean up the store’s glass sign.
It’s still chilly in the morning and evening, but the temperature has gotten warmer during the day.
Today, I went to a flower shop in Bundang to work in the morning. It’s a flower shop in Sangsang-dong, a residential and commercial complex, and I visited early in the morning to clean up the high-rise signboards and glass.
It’s a luxury apartment complex, so Sangga-dong is spacious, clean, and luxurious.
There is a lot of human flow before and after lunch, so I’ll have to finish the work within the morning.
There’s a long rainwater drain in the middle of the sidewalk block outside the store.
I think it will drain well even if there is a lot of water use, so I can work on it more conveniently.
Sometimes some sites have restrictions on water use, so the work is uncomfortable.
It’s really like a professional to be able to work in any place according to the situation at each site, right?
It’s the first floor, but it’s basically a high floor.
It will be about 5m high to the top three-dimensional sign. After the store opened, there was a lot of dust because they couldn’t clean the glass or signboards.
Although there is a height, there is a burden of cost if you work on sky equipment or rope, so I am going to clean it with carbon poles and purified water again today.
There are a lot of sticker marks stuck on the surface of the glass, so some ladder work will be needed.
Unger scrapers are essential to remove stickers and foreign substances.
One of the essential tasks of clean glass cleaning is to remove foreign substances without damaging the glass with sufficient detergent and skillful scraper work.
Can you see the dust on the glass in the picture?
It snows all winter and even a little time passes, the glass gets dirty quickly.
First, finish the work diligently inside and clean outside.
It took longer than I thought because there were a lot of small sheets and sticker marks on the glass surface.
Glass, as usual, has a perfect result when it is cleaned both inside and outside.

Use a neutral detergent and washer to wipe the dust off the surface of the three-dimensional signboard.
Use a water supply brush to rinse the remaining detergent on the signboard.
For external work, you must clean the three-dimensional signboards on the top first.
Since it is not a flat flex sign and there is not much dust, use a detergent and water supply brush to clean the dust on the surface.
In fact, it will be cleaner if you remove the three-dimensional signboard and clean it inside, but if you want to clean it at a reasonable cost, you can feel some satisfaction with the above summary cleaning.
Use a filter to rinse the impurities with removed water, minimizing unnecessary water stains after work.
In the United States, 스카이어닝 Australia, and many other countries in Europe, this work of cleaning Purewater has become popular.
However, most of the equipment and consumables have to be relied on for full imports as no other tools have been activated in Korea yet.
The sign is worked with a carbon pole and brush, and the upper glass is finished with squeezing by touching it directly using a ladder.
I always feel it, but the use of appropriate equipment and tools is essential for optimal operation.
Clean the signboard and upper glass, remove moisture completely, and clean the entrance door glass.
Signboards and glass cleaning should always be cleaned from the top to the bottom, but if the top water is not removed, it will fall to the bottom and create another mark, so you should always remove moisture from the top before cleaning the bottom.
The operation is complete. After finishing it, the remaining water was removed, so it became a clean sign and glass.
There was a big difference compared to the glass in the next store.
Most of the shops here had a lot of glass pollution, but I think it would have been impossible to clean because of the high floor height and large glass area.

Shining and transparent glass seems to make the flowers and plants inside the store stand out more.
This was the site of a flower shop in Bundang, which has clean, bright signboards and glass.
If you need to clean indoor and outdoor of various stores for spring, please feel free to contact Hwang Doo-hwan service.

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