Hello! It’s very cold today.

Hello! It’s very cold today. Since the afternoon, it’s snowing heavily as soon as I hear it’s snowing. You’re getting off work, so be careful driving. Be careful on icy roads. Personally, Tuesday is the hardest day for me. But I’m not as tired or tired as this Tuesday! I think it’s because of the massage I got over the weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve loosened my muscles, so I don’t get tired easily. I thought it’d be good if you knew, so I came to introduce you to the massage shop I went to at Seocho 24:00.

The ‘New Hermes’ I’ve been to is located within 3 minutes’ walk from Exit 3 of Nonhyeon Station in Banpo-dong. You can park for free even in Gangnam, where parking is difficult. Only one parking is available until 6 p.m., and one parking is available after 6 p.m. I was able to get parking support from Seocho, which is a parking fee gangster, so I could visit comfortably without worrying about parking.

The 24-hour massage shop was open 24 hours a day. I think it’s a very comfortable place to get a massage because you can always get it if you give me a reservation call in advance. If your phone is turned off, it’s a full reservation for the day, so if you’re visiting, please refer to it.

Before entering the shop, I was able to sterilize my hands with hand sanitizer, check my body temperature, 강남건마 and fill out the visit log before going to the shop. Corona has calmed down recently, but I’m not relieved yet, but I’m very reluctant to stay outside for a long time or stay with people, so I couldn’t come to get a massage well. Seocho massage shop disinfects the entire store once every 2-3 hours. I was able to take care of myself because I thought I was meticulous about quarantine.

The massage shop at Seocho 24:00 had a calm atmosphere was calm. Overall, it’s bright but I feel cozy because of the warm lighting. It’s like we’re at a high-end aesthetic. When I entered the shop, I could smell the aroma scent and the calm music made me think that I was here for healing. It was a great environment to take a rest.

They gave me Louis-Boss tea, which has a charming scent. It’s one of the tea I usually enjoy drinking. The tea I drink at the massage shop at 24 o’clock is a bit more fragrant and tastier. I asked because the tea tasted so good and they said they use tea bags for hotels. It made me feel good to drink this delicious tea at the massage shop.

While drinking warm tea, I chose the care I will receive this time. There were various kinds of programs at Seocho massage shop. Swedish & Romi A course 65 minutes > 080,070,000 shares, B course 95 minutes > 110,000 shares 100,000 shares, Vitamin Swae & Romi course 65 minutes > 090, B course 95 minutes > 120,000 shares 110,000, Emotional Swedish course 65 minutes > 06, B course 95 minutes > 08, Aroma course 65 minutes 65 minutes, A course 65 minutes 05 minutes >

There is a prejudice that Gangnam will be expensive for some reason. I wanted to solve it properly and liked the reviews, so I visited there, but I was worried that the price would be scary, but there were a lot of management that didn’t exceed 100,000 won. I decided to take the Aroma 95 minute course because you can get a good price, plenty of time, and a weekly discount! I heard that Seocho Korean massage manager is going to take care of it, but I was looking forward to it even before I received it.~

If I chose an aroma massage, I could choose the oil I wanted and get treatment. The manager tested the oil first. All the oils I use at the massage shop at Seocho 24 are natural oils. Maybe that’s why the scent isn’t strong, but I can tell the difference.

I moved to the fitting room for care. For those who will receive dry food, there was a suit organized by size. The 24-hour massage shop had plenty of locker space, so it wasn’t uncomfortable to store my luggage.

The people who get aroma massage at the massage shop at 24 o’clock gave me disposable underwear and gowns separately. It’s a well-washed gown, so it smells really good and I felt good as soon as I wore something soft like silk. The design is fancy, and somehow I felt like I was getting a massage abroad.

I changed into a gown and went for a foot bath. You received warm water in advance, but I was able to get a foot bath by choosing the foot bath I wanted, and I really liked the fact that Seocho 24 o’clock massage shop was managed according to my preference.
The blue is really good, right? After putting my feet in, my frozen feet slowly melted and my body became drowsy. I was able to relax at the massage shop at 24 o’clock even though it was for a while because I was bathed in the foot bath while smelling a gentle scent.
The massage manager came in at 24 and took care of it with the oil I chose. It’s hard to sleep these days, and even if I fall asleep, I woke up quickly, so it was really hard to get a good night’s sleep. I was treated with lavender oil because lavender oil helps to relieve tension and sleep soundly. I felt relieved because of the scent that lingered at the tip of my nose.
I used to work overtime often and my posture was not good, so my mitral muscles and waist were very tight. The Seocho Aroma massage manager focused on the clump. At first, the muscles that were hard like rocks became softer.

After getting the massage, I felt the difference between before and after getting it. I feel much more relaxed now that I feel lighter. I fell asleep right after I got the Seocho 24 o’clock massage, but I was able to sleep deeply after a long time, so I was able to get rid of my fatigue.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body cleanser were prepared in the shower room of the massage shop at 24, so I could take a shower comfortably.Seocho massage shop also has all skin care products, so it was good for after-care.

I was able to finish my care by drinking warm tea. If Seocho is looking for a massage shop with such good price, facilities, and the best skills, Seocho 24 o’clock massage shop would be perfect!

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