If you are over 12 months old, you can get up to 80 million won.

Today! Let’s find out about the types and conditions of loans for beginners. Those who are just starting their social life may have started economic independence, but if they have financial problems, they can’t be so frustrated and embarrassed.

It’s ambiguous to borrow from people around you, but it can be difficult to get a loan under the good conditions you want because of the wall of social beginners, and it’s important to thoroughly find out the products for social beginners by bank.

Turning off an emergency fire using a loan is not the perfect solution, but it can be useful if you check the conditions such as limits, interest rates, and repayment methods and then get a loan on the most favorable terms.
Shinhan Bank’s easy-to-use Pokéron is not a dedicated product for beginners in society, but it can be used by those with low annual income or uncalculated credit scores. If you look at the loan recipients, they must have a credit card with an annual income of 35 million won or less.

The loan limit can range from at least 500,000 won to 5 million won, but it cannot be used through a negative account method, and the loan period can be selected as one year for repayment of the maturity date and one year or two for repayment of principal equal installments.

The interest rate is 5.22% of the basic interest rate and 2.29% of the preferential rate, which is available at a minimum annual rate of 2.92%. There is a transaction performance as a preferential condition, but there is a salary transfer and the use of Shinhan Card.

Most of the workers with earned income can apply for our new generation Plus Loan, which is handled by Woori Bank. Under the terms of the person eligible for the loan, office workers with an annual income of 2,500 won or more, but customers cannot do so because 비대면폰테크 it is a six-section CB based on their personal credit rating.

Since there is no separate regulation for the period of employment, you can use it if you meet the above conditions, but you can receive a limit of up to 150% of annual income, and it is decided by reflecting Woori Bank’s internal rating, and only up to 50 million won for the limited loan.

The interest rate is at a minimum of 2.77% per annum, and the period is available for one year for repayment on a maturity date and up to five years for repayment in installments. It is a product that can be applied through a sales store, and the necessary documents include a certificate of employment, income evidence, and identification.

Likewise, our first salary credit loan handled by Woori Bank is a product for new employees, and you can apply for a loan without minimum income conditions if you have more than one month in office. Non-face-to-face applications are also possible, but additional conditions are required, and employment and income verification through scraping by the National Health Insurance Corporation should be possible for more than three months.

The loan limit varies depending on the period of employment, and you can receive 15 million won for less than three months, 50 million won for less than 12 months, and up to 80 million won for more than 12 months.

Interest rates are set on a fixed interest rate and three-month Koribo basis by period, preferential interest rates can be applied up to 0.3% per year, and repayment can be made on a lump sum basis, a limit loan, and a split principal. Documents necessary for visiting a business store are identification cards, certificates of employment, etc., documents for verification of employment, and certificates of origin of earned income. There is an income amount certificate, etc.

The new job loan handled by Nonghyup Bank is an income earner with less than a year of employment, and can be applied for health insurance job subscribers, annual income of more than 20 million won, and those who meet the bank’s credit rating standards.

The loan limit can be up to 30 million won, and the loan period is within one year of repayment on the maturity date, five years without a grace period for repayment of installments, and one year for general bank account loans. Interest rates are available at a minimum of 2.52% per year, and you can get a reduction depending on your transaction performance.

Today, we’ve looked at loan products for beginners, and we hope you can carefully check the conditions and find the most favorable conditions!

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