The battle of capital unless it’s an excellent strategy

Flagship terms are often seen in terms of new product marketing. This is a common term, but many people will be curious about the exact meaning.
That means you can present something on behalf of something. For this reason, the flagship model represents the company’s flagship product, while the flagship store represents the flagship store that sells the company’s flagship product in one place.Most brands are opening flagship stores to deliver their corporate 구글상위노출 brand image.
Flagship marketing is literally a marketing method using flagship products. The representative store mentioned above is a store that maximizes the character and image of the brand, focusing on certain products that have been successful in the market. We’ve launched a new product, and it’s not easy to compete if large companies dominate most of the pie in the market.
Under these circumstances, it is a strategic marketing technique used to avoid head-on confrontation between large and multinational companies. The goal is to maximize overall product sales by focusing on brands that are receiving positive responses from consumers and expanding the brand’s positive image to their products. Instead of competing with multiple products from the beginning, it’s about putting a power brand into the corporate image.
With an increasing variety of products coming out, it is practically difficult to successfully promote all the products that a company releases. As a result, its main strategy to promote one product that has good responses from markets has emerged first. By focusing on promoting one of the company’s most popular products through flagship marketing, you can save much more money than promoting all products at a lower level. The positive image of the product and the image of the company as a whole are becoming more recognizable and more powerful in consumer perception. As such, the main marketing has the advantage of successfully entering the market led by large companies and using effective promotion strategies.
Relying on everything carries great risks. In the case of mainstream marketing, you may lose not only other products but also your company’s image at once. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose ‘flagship’ as the main player in marketing to use its main strategy. Let’s take a look at examples of companies that have been successful in marketing with the right key products.
The most representative example is ramen. This is the result of flagship marketing, which reminds people of the company’s name when they think of certain products such as Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun and Samyang Samyang Ramen. In fact, many food companies use instant noodle products to promote their brands first and release new products based on a stable foundation. There are also many additional cases

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