Various massage oil effects

It’s getting cold, so you’re my boyfriend.

Even if I meet my friends, I usually stay indoors.

And I feel like I’m at home most of the time.

So the other day, I was at home.

The idea of warming up your body.

I’ve heard of course.

I used to be at home.

If you massage yourself and take care of yourself,

I bought it because I liked it.

I like it if it wasn’t for me.

I didn’t.

So I don’t think much about it.

I didn’t. You said it was a good one.

I just remembered what you told me.

That’s why I’m using massage oil.

Buy a good one and take care of it consistently.

I wanted to do it.

I’ve got to look at all of these things carefully.

The reason is because they have good ingredients.

We can use it without harming our bodies.

Tell them you can do it’s

in here

I want to know what they are.

It’s safe to use.

The one I’ve used before, I don’t know why.

I felt like I was warm. I didn’t like it.

It’s highly likely that it’s a harmful ingredient.

So when I bought the massage oil,

I checked the ingredients.

My friend

I said it was safe, but still…

It would be better for me to check again.

I thought it was that.

So it turns out,

There’s nothing harmful to the body, and it’s safe.

I was able to use it, so I did this.

I’d like to introduce it to my neighbors.

Above all, this massage oil is naturally derived.

It’s got ingredients in it, so it’s safer.

It’s something you can use.

The kelp extract instead of glycerin.

It’s separate. Lactobacillus.

Bifida-fermented fruit, etc.

It’s made up of natural ingredients.

You can use it safely even if it touches you.

It’s here.

I usually use it for my body.

It’s the same thing, but it’s more useful than you think.

There’s a lot of course.

You use it as a love gel.

I heard there are more people than you think. That’s what it is.

That’s why if it’s for this purpose, it’s especially for us.

It’s more like it’s going into the body.

It’s important to be aware of it.

I think so.

And just in time,

Safely accessible

It’s an ingredient, so you can trust it and use it.

It’ll be good.

Especially, it is used as 스웨디시 massage oil only.

It’s not something you can do. You can use this.

And then moisturizing and skin health.

I heard you can pack it separately.


Oil, of course, has a moisturizing effect.

more than you might think

After many products have been washed away,

There are a lot of things that make you dry.

So since I’ve been using it,

Get help with something safe.

I hope so. And it’s a natural-derived asymptotic.

It’s not just flowing like water.

I can even look at the mole.

You’ll be able to use it moistly.

So I’m going to use this to massage.

It’ll make your body moist and dry as it is now.

You come home from work in the winter and do it for me.

It can’t be good and moist.

So I’ve been using it consistently.

I’m in the middle of course.

And this is the skin’s favorite weak acidity.

They say it’s made of ingredients.

We’ve been seeing a lot of acid lately.

Very few people are unfamiliar with it.

I think so.

weak acidity

The reason we need to use it is because it’s not in our bodies.

In order not to break the balance, weak acidity is the key.

They say it’s the best fit.

So this is how it works.

We need to check the ingredients.

We’re going in, and we’re going to use it’s safe.

I think you can try it.

When you use these things, the scent is…

If you add spices to make it come out,

There’s one thing. These are the things that make us feel better.

It can cause allergies in the body.

It’s important to check in advance.

This massage oil is a clean, odorless,

When you use it, you feel the body’s pressure or the spices.

They said they reduced the burden.

The components can maintain their own scent.

There’s just a natural scent.

It’s flying, so most of you are almost there.

You might think it’s odorless.


Before I use the massage oil,

What I was worried about was too oily and sticky

I was worried that it might be on the street.

I’ve never been to a massage shop before.

There’s a massage oil here.

It’s too sticky.

I don’t like things very much.

I was worried about it.

by the way

It’s water-soluble here without it doesn’t.

You can wash it with just water

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