All purchased products can be shipped to Korea.

I guess everyone is sleeping at 1 a.m. right now.
I forgot to post it, and it suddenly came to me.
I couldn’t sleep, so I quickly picked up my phone.
I’m going to introduce you to a winter item for the winter.
It’s such a pretty flower knit cardigan.

The puff that comes down slightly below the shoulder is feminine.
The rose’s flower pattern is also pretty and stylish knit cardigan.

This cardigan is my favorite brand that emphasizes femininity while keeping the brand quality intact.
I like it better because it’s a cardigan with a white color and a vivid pearl detail.

With the appearance of dark blue, you can coordinate with warm 레플리카 denimjin and simple mini bag, so it’s pretty to wear alone and you can wear anything in the winter outerwear.^^
For those who like designs that emphasize femininity like me, I strongly recommend puff-sleeved flower knitwear.
You’re full of ritual today, too.

Every December, the end-of-year atmosphere in Paris heats up with illumination, Christmas trees, and Christmas markets. This year, many events are canceled and relatively quiet due to the Corona 😢 Nevertheless, Gallery Lafayette, Paris’ traditional Christmas attraction, has kept Parisians’ Christmas spirit alive by presenting the best decorations of the year.

Today we’ll tell you all about Gallery Lafayette’s 2020 Christmas landscape, Gallery Lafayette’s new online duty-free shopping service, the new tax refund standard from 2021, and Gallery Lafayette shopping coupons, so follow us!

This year, Gallery Lafayette’s Christmas decorations are decorated with the theme “Christmas Trip Voyage de Nofil!” Perhaps that’s why this year, unique items that seem to have been collected from all over the world were decorated with Christmas ownership. And this year, we’re seeing a plane floating in Gallery Lafayette, which is a homage to Jules Vedrines, the pilot of the plane that landed on the Gallery Lafayette Rooftop 100 years ago.

More Christmas landscapes from Gallery Lafayette can be found in the article below!

Shopping is probably one of the most anticipated things for people who visit Paris at the end of the year! This year, it will be difficult to travel to France and use duty-free shop opportunities, so many people will be in a rough spot. I’m sure those who were excited about the luxury shopping flex during the wedding must be very sad. I brought some information that would be very helpful to those people!

It is Gallery Lafayette’s Personal Remote Shopping service where you can enjoy duty-free shopping online in Korea. Please follow the instructions step by step from now on.

First, let me tell you some characteristics of personal remote shopping.

Online one-on-one counseling!

This service is based on an online one-on-one consultation service. If you tell me the name of the brand or product you’ve been interested in as a wish list, Gallery Lafayette Personal Shopper will contact you personally to consult you and help you proceed with the purchase.

Isn’t that a charge? Some of you might be worried. The call itself is free, so don’t worry!

Korean language service provided

Don’t worry if you’re hesitating to use them all in French or English! Among the personal shoppers are French employees who can speak Korean. Of course, I can’t speak 100% perfect Korean like Koreans because I’m a French employee, but it’s not a big problem for communication. If you want to get Korean counseling, you need to make a prior request when filling out the wishlist application form. ☺

How can I do duty-free shopping when I shop in Korea?

Gallery Lafayette will lower the minimum amount of duty-free benefits to 100 euros from 2021. The reason why the duty-free benefits are applied to the Gallery Lafayette Personal Shopping Service is because the products that can be purchased through the service are more than 100 euros.

To be exact, not all products sold at Gallery Lafayette department stores can be purchased through personal remote shopping services, but only by brand designers, which are often referred to as luxury goods. Examples include Balenciaga, Dior, Burberry, Local City, Saint Laurent, Cartier, Tiffany Annko, Toz, Miu Miu, Langbang, and Montclair! A complete list of brands can be found below in more detail.

The price of the product that Personal Shopper tells you is 16.67% tax-free!

Can be shipped to Korea

All purchased products can be shipped to Korea! If you live in Europe or France, you can choose the option to go to the department store. The shipping cost varies slightly depending on the item purchased and the country, but based on Korea, the shipping cost is approximately as below, so you can keep that in mind!

For those who want to apply for personal remote shopping, I’ll tell you how to use it in detail. * is a mandatory entry, so please make sure to fill out the Loyalty card number, so you don’t need to fill it out.

For those who want counseling in Korean, please remember to enter “I want to speak with a personal shopper who speaks Korean” in the last ‘Advanced details

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