I thought a lot of people might be wondering about the price of Songpa massage.


My skin is usually very dry, but suddenly the weather is so…

It’s getting cold, so there’s no need to exfoliate.

It’s not easy to take care of sebum.

Besides, I have a habit of chewing food only on one side,

The right side of the bridge is relatively well developed.

It’s like the asymmetry is getting worse and worse.

It’s called the Miso 송파 로미로미 Esthetic.

Most of the people in our area know this.

I think it’s a place.

It’s a famous and talented place.

I’ve always thought, “I’m going to go,” and I’m gonna take this opportunity

I’ve been there.

Free parking was possible in the building.

It’s only about 130 meters from Exit 3 of Banghwa Station.

There are a lot of people who come by public transportation.

He’s doing it.

Weekends are closed from 10:00 a.m. to 21:00 a.m. on weekdays.

She’s running it! If you have to do it on Saturday,

There was a reservation in advance from 4 p.m.!! on an important appointment or anniversary

I think you should make a reservation in advance. Haha

It’s not just a skin care center.

It was an esthetic shop specializing in face contouring.

By relocating facial muscles, normalizing the support ligament.

I heard that you take care of your face to balance.

I got the feeling.

So I took this opportunity to take care of myself.

I went to Gangseo-gu to take good care of my skin.

I took a foot bath in warm water first.

This alone made me feel like my blood circulation was complete.

I usually have cold hands and feet,

Your edema is getting worse.

I’m sure foot bathing helps this kind of course.

It’s a cozy place to get a full-fledged massage.

It was neatly organized.

The towel on the bed was washed clean every time.

I heard you’re going to change it to a new one.

And there were a lot of rooms.

There was a place where I could get it private.

There are two beds available, so couples can get them together as friends.

I had a place ready.
It was a place where I could get a real massage as I heard.

I don’t know if it’s because the experts are good.

You took good care of it.

The pressure’s just right.

He only takes care of what he needs.

That’s 100% satisfaction.

I could take a shower after finishing the Songpa massage.

Especially those who get an aroma massage are required.

The bathroom’s nice.

Most of all, the towels were in great shape.

You don’t have to bring toiletries.

We had almost everything in store.

Cotton swabs, combs, lotions, everything.

I thought I could come naked.

The shower room is clean, too.

I could use it as comfortable as my own house!!

Body wash and shampoo are all in place.
I thought a lot of people might be wondering about the price of Songpa massage.

I’ve taken some pictures.

Couple care usually costs 100,000 won.

The course made me feel cheap.

There were many kinds.

Bodywork, backside, full body detail.

It’s divided, so I need Songpa Massage.

It’s a place where you can choose from.

People with severe edema like me have pretty legs or feet.

I recommend you take care of your lower body slimming.

It was my first time at The Foot Shop, and the facilities were good.

All the people who take care of them are good people.

I think that’s good.

I’ve only had one, and it’s like I’ve lost all my waste.

It’s cool.

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