I recommend you to go here!

There are fewer safe places to go.

It’s a trend, and even meeting someone is a precautionary thing.

I think it’s working.

But if you’re not doing anything and giving up,

I don’t think so. So not only the mask,

working properly on disinfection and prevention

I’ll let you know where to get skin care in 제주 건마 unjeong-dong.

The face that’s been messed up in the mask.

Just the part that I was writing like I was screaming for help.

With a feeling of being too dry and tight,

I visited you because it was so bad that it came up red.

Gargreens, hand cream, toothbrushes.

It was ready.

If you need it, you can use it.

Because my hair is long, I want to eat delicious rice

I always carry around a hair tie.

I didn’t have to wear a hair tie.

I took a quick shower, and a cleansing foam,

Shampoo and body cleanser are also available.

I think I can wash it easily.

Do you think I should wash my hair when I get an aroma?

I went to Thailand and got an aroma.

You put pressure on my head.

I bought a hat because the rice cake was made.

I’m going to get a foot bath before getting a Hongdae massage.

You and I, we’re holding hands and we’re out of the lobby.

Why are you walking all the way to the foot bath?

I don’t know if you’re feeling up and down.

It was perfect because the foot bath was bright and not dark.

The water temperature was really good.

They give me a welcome when I take a foot bath.

They gave me peppermint tea!

My brother doesn’t like cars very much, so he’s gonna have to go.

I didn’t drink it, but I love it so much.

I gulped it down. That’s why I’m holding this.

I didn’t have a picture, so I took a picture of your hand.

It looks so awkward.

The water temperature is slightly higher than our body temperature.

It’s not too high, so I’ll dip my feet in it.

I’m closing my eyes, and I feel like I’m in a paradise.

And with bath salts, natural oils.

It goes in and smells good.

When you asked me to go to the PC room afterwards,

I said yes without realizing it.fi

I took a picture because you carefully wiped my feet.

After the foot bath, I’ll get a couple massage in Hongdae.

We’re going to move to the room.

There was a private room, but it was about half of a two-person room.

It’s cute to have flowers on the bedclotally.

I put it in my head.

You said, “No, the flowers are sitting on the flower.”

I’m going to the PC room for you to blow the lip service.

I went with him and played for two hours.

I wanted to take a picture of you getting maintenance.

I couldn’t think of course.

He’s so warm all over the place.

I got tired and my brother fell asleep.

I was so sad that it was over when I fell asleep.

I took this because it was so cute.

It’s a simple Thai word, and you’re being cared for.

If there’s anything else you want me to do,

You can look at this and talk.

When I’m done with the Hongdae massage, I’m going to have a cup of tea.

Take a break in a space where you can relax.

I’m getting drunk.

I didn’t have to go out to the cafe.

You can enjoy coffee or drinks in here!

Next time, let’s take our parents.

We’ve been talking about everything.

I hope you have a warm and healing time, too.

If you want to have it, I recommend you go here!

I’ll write down the address below!

I’ll tell you where. Exit 3 of Munjeong Station.

It’s a five-minute walk.

Thanks to you, even the clumsiness can get on public transportation and be comfortable.

I thought I’d be able to make it.

On a windy day, no matter what anyone says, the car is…

The best… so I asked if I could park.

I’m here in the car!

There’s an underground parking lot in the mall.

I could have come. There’s no parking fee.

For people like me who can’t go without a car.

I think it’s perfect.

To schedule skin care in Munjeong-dong

It’s important when you start, right?

From 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.,

We’re closed on Sundays, so if you want to use it during the weekend,

Booking for Saturday! Call me at least a couple of days ago.

You should ask. Busy. Busy. Busy in the midst of modern society.

I think you can get it safely.

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