For full-body air-bag massage, it can be managed in every single place.

What’s blood?
Well, it’s invisible, but on the soles of our feet, there are dots that connect us all over.
Sister Xiang tapped her husband and told him to stick out his feet. When he put out his dirty feet as if he was reluctant to do so, my sister showed me a ballpoint pen and explained, “This is my heart, this is my stomach, and this is my liver,” but it was hard for me to understand.
If I knew the sole of Varydu’s foot, I could learn to massage and make money.
I want to know, too..

Park Sung Woong’s commercial was coming out. Look at the angle that looks comfortable! Straight! Until it spreads! I can’t wait to experience it!

In fact, I was able to experience and buy various kinds of Panasonic massage chairs. Actually, we’ve been here to ask you if massage is available.

It was the newest massage chair with the most 땀땡 functions including airbags and thermal massage so that it can be managed in every single place for the full-body air bag massage.

Yeah, I was supposed to try it myself.
The best thing about the Panasonic massage chair MAK is that it takes care of the neck, shoulders, waist, buttocks, soles, hands, and arms, and massages the whole body coolly.
The two couples said something between us and said Xiang.
Talk to the boss and try to come to my house every Sunday. There are many things to learn about feet. And I’ll teach you how to massage whenever I have time to work.
I didn’t tell anyone other than my family that I had a strange ability. I had never even told Uncle Mikuri, who was like a guardian here, that I had been near the edict to find my parents and met various spirits. I really wanted to be seen by everyone as a normal girl. Of course, I only mentioned that I was from Joseon first, but in paradise, when someone pretended to know, the boss scolded me.

I couldn’t say he was being taken away, but we’re being canceled and fined. Then you’ll get rid of your job right away.
I went to Xiang’s house every Sunday and learned about the blood of the soles of my feet from her swing husband Zuu. First, when my sister sat with her feet out, my brother-in-law explained it by pointing out here and there with a span of wooden sticks. The wooden rod had a round head and a blunt triangular tip and a relatively sharp cut, which I learned how to do mainly by hand rather than by using these. They were to lay and raise the thumb end, to use the whole finger, to hold a fist and push out a joint of a finger, to tap with the fist, to press and hit with the palm, to rub with the whole hand, to pull out and twist and release the toe joints and ankles. The brother-in-law said, “It is much less difficult to use a foot massage tool, but the bare-handed one is much more effective.”
Look at this, the feet are all divided into three parts. The sole of the foot, the top of the foot, and the heel of the ankle are divided into different parts of the body. It’s the same with your hands, but it’s even better if you loosen your hands lightly before you massage your feet. The intestines are usually gathered around the soles of the feet and the heels, and the heads are often gathered around the toes. A dent in the middle of this is a kidney. The heart is the thick lower part of the left little toe and the fourth toe, and the same position is the soy sauce on the right.
Brother-in-law Chou explained with his sister’s feet and then explained again by massaging my feet. Then he made me massage his feet. If my movements were wrong, he took his foot back and explained it again before continuing. I learned how to respond to the feet over and over every Sunday. First, I finished 10 steps of warming up and 15 steps of basic foot massage. Then, I learned the major therapies again. For example, it was an application, but Zuu posed the problem this way.
A drunk customer came in. What should I do?
Since the head is concentrated on the big toe, it first releases the headache by pressing the toe one by one, and then rubs the sole of the foot, which is the counterpart of the intestine, and the heel, which is the reflective part of the liver and the kidneys.

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