Magok Therapy 스웨디시 Skill Massage

Maybe it’s because it’s getting cold all of a sudden these days.

My shoulders and neck are very stiff and uncomfortable.

I went to get a Magok massage.

The place I’ve been to is famous for Swedish management.

It’s a place called Mayomiterapi.

I made a reservation with Mr. Lee.
3 minutes’ walk from Magok Station Exit 5

It’s located.

You come into the building, you take the elevator.

You can go to room 412, on the fourth floor.

I didn’t know that. Among the Magok massage shops,

Mayo-Miterapi is quite large.

It’s open from 11:00 to 23:00 every day.

But you have to make a reservation in advance.

Besides the phone call, you can make a reservation on Naver.

On this day, I told Mr. Lee of Mayo Therapy.

Signature Swedish Manager

I’m here for 90 minutes of MYO THERAPY.

Mayo-Miterapi is a private space.

Add expertise to the most popular high-quality spaterapy.

It’s a place where I can get Swedish care.

I think a lot of people are 스웨디시 already looking for it.

I’ve been to a lot of Magok massages.

It’s just opened, so it’s very clean.

The interior is too my style, isn’t

The interior design is also luxurious.

with spacious rooms and shower rooms in each room.

It has private facilities.

I was able to get a comfortable suede.

Besides, Mr. Lee…

You’re a therapist with a great career.

I could trust him and get a massage.

Mayo Miterapi has a very large care space!

A private room for one. In a private atmosphere.

I could enjoy Swedish care.

Each room has a very good lighting.

We’ve got air purifiers and speakers.

Listening to good air, good music,

Mayo-Motherapy for Magok Swedish Care

If this isn’t heaven, what is it?

This is a real paradise.

You go into the room with Mr. Lee.

We’ll talk about whether there’s any discomfort or pain.

They even served me warm tea and refreshments.

It was cold, but I felt good even before the massage started.

Well, unlike other Magok massage shops,

Being able to be managed without feeling pressed for time.

I think it’s a good thing about mayo-therapy

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