How to wear a Gucci luxury scarf pretty

I’m trying to buy a luxury scarf, so it’s hard to call it

Hermes is Twillie, Louis Vuitton is Bangdo, Dior is Micha!

Gucci said “neckbow.” That’s not easy.

I wasn’t interested because I don’t usually do scarves well,

Silk scarves forced to study while choosing as a mother’s gift

I’m a fashion blogger who returned to my posting.

I’m not gonna be able to make a successful gift

I’ve even borrowed it to post it. Gucci Neck Bow Late

And I’ll write down how to wear a scarf pretty. Go on!

In fact, the Petdi scarf, which I thought was a candidate,

But there are no stores in Cheongju or Daejeon.

I want to buy it right away and present it to you.

Gucci GG Heart Print Silk Neckbow I’ve Gone Hard

The style number is 609702 3G001 5968.

I thought it was a Valentine’s product, but again, 2020

It says “cruise collection.”

Green green green green green package package package,

I don’t have an unboxing video today because it’s a gift from my mom.

The stone-dried scarf is in the box.

The witty motif gives him a sense of liveliness.

The symbol of love, the heart, the monogram motif,

Gucci Neck Bow with Gold laminate Star Shape

There were many stories about darker than the screen in the review of the product,

I really feel like the real thing is a little darker than the picture.

I thought the picture I took was similar, but it’s bright!

So you don’t just look too young, you know, you know,

I can feel it. I just wanted this as soon as I saw it at the store.

I’ve chosen it for my mother’s gift for a reason

a lovely scarf with hearts and gold stars

I looked around with the most basic scarf hawking.

It feels like this when you tie it around lightly.

It’s the day I co-ordinated with all black, so braid it with the right points!

You can remove the Gucci tack inside and use it.

How to wear a pretty scarf I’ve told my mom

In fact, the Gucci neckbow is not long

I can feel tight.

I usually tie them up by a ribbon bun,

She asked a lot of questions because she had a pretty ribbon.

You can start with the tie that I showed you above.

First, make one side short and long.

Hold the short side in the right hand and wrap the second finger around it

I want you to make the top part of the 레플리카 ribbon, and I want you to make the bottom part

Roll twice in the long direction and make the first bay second

If you pull it through the bay, it will become a ribbon.

Don’t worry if the shape doesn’t come out pretty from the beginning!

Like the third fourth photo, the round section above the ribbon

Holding both thumbs and forefinger, the ribbon strap below

Take the ring finger and the baby and turn it off if you go in your direction

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