First of all, it’s half the price in Korea, and Amazon has a cheaper delivery fee, so it’s okay to pay for it.

On May 19th, Buddha’s Birthday holiday, we usually had an open mat and this time, too.

I was going to post a blog tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but I couldn’t sleep because I drank coffee at 9 o’clock, so I just used it.

Before I saw the sparring, I ran to Dongguk University and got a perm.

Before Corona, when the gym was going well, I used to get a perm, dye my skin, scale my hair, etc. But after the corona broke, I delayed it.

The gym condition has improved since April and May. I’ve been thinking about it since April. I got a birthday coupon and went to get a perm.

If you want to know how the perm is, come and see me.

I got a perm and went to a malatang restaurant in the basement next to Dongguk University’s Starbucks.

I didn’t eat lunch this morning, so I ate malatang for the first time at 8 pm after the perm, so I put in more than usual.

Also, I couldn’t eat anything because I was busy yesterday.

And when I was getting a haircut, a hairdresser said there’s a new Jiu-Jitsu gym nearby.

My favorite hair salon used to be a Mercy Hair Training Center, but I heard that the lease contract for the mall has ended.

Actually, it’s not a new gym, but it’s being moved by Jangchung Field Jiu Jitsu, which is across from Barache Starbucks.

I’ve already heard that they’re moving.

Hwang Woo-guk and I are from Gwangjin Middle School. We’ve known each other since we were in elementary school. We went to play a lot when we were in grade 34. We know each other in the early days of wild jiu jitsu.

Kyuhwan, the wildlings. Yoon Bal-hyung from England came to the open mat today. Sungchan is here before Corona.

Anyway, I ate malatang and went around before I went home. I saw Hwang Sa-beom’s head in the window, so I found his location and visited him!

We’ve had a little chat and a cup of coffee.

The delicate crown chief working on the mop.

I’m sure the monthly rent at the mall has gone down these days, so the gyms are moving a lot.

It’s a great time to move. The monthly rent in college is almost halved.

To make it easier for Dongguk University juniors to understand, it’s in the alley from Jangchung Station to Dongguk University’s short cut alley. Turn left at Yoga.

In terms of annual leave, it’s a gym with five years of experience. Director Hwang Woo-guk is a talented player, has excellent competition experience, and Purple Belt students are still continuously competing to challenge and prove themselves.

There are so many crazy gyms these days.
People who don’t have the ability to play the gym unfairly get more than purple belts and go to the gym too much.
Or because the director is lazy, there are a lot of bad classes. There are a lot of bad manners.

Dongguk University juniors who want to learn quality jujitsu recommend Jangchung jujitsu.

Now, let’s take a look at today’s open mat sparring gifs.

You attended as expected this time.

It’s because there are a lot of late students.

There were a lot of people who said they would come during Children’s Day open mat.

Taebong looks like a panda bear.

It reminds me of the Inverted Gear Panda. Compare

First of all, the women who came today.

First, the author

We used to go to the gym when we were in 9th grade. We moved to Goyang. We often came to open mats. Now I’m in my second year of high school.

I’m from Goyang today, and they want me to call them while doing open mats on holidays or working out on Saturdays.

I forgot all the techniques, but I didn’t forget to peel the shrimp and it’s strong.

Well, if I press the video button and ask you to take it, everyone presses the button again and doesn’t take it.

You made me film again after watching you not filming the video. In the meantime, Jieun’s V!

If you don’t press the button for the video, it’s really hard to take a picture.

I’ll just tell them to press the red button next time and let them film it.

I think I’ll have a headache if I play the video like this.

Top verim. Top verim style verim.

When I uploaded a video of BERIM and Taebum touring Seoul on Instagram, the main building of the Caioteha team is pressing “Like”.

The video selected by Caio.

Jieun and Taebong sparring!

You’re good at taking out shrimps.

You vaguely remember the trip sweep.

The author whines that Taebong weighs twice as much as he does.

Anklak’s attempt was good, but he’s

Tae-beom, Tae-jung’s friend from elementary school, who was supposed to come out on Thursday.

Originally, we learn how to take out shrimp on the first day. We learn how to take out shrimp. Close guard Amba and Kimura. We learn sparring.

Guard pass. Go ahead.

When you spar on the first day, you usually order passes. Whether it’s a man or a woman.

Then, sweep it from time to time to take out the shrimp and make it lightly.

Ladies, make sure you’re safe and big.

If you come to Namsan Jitsu, you can go to the amusement park for free!

Shall we go to Jongno? Shall we go to Cheongnyangni? Ah, Jongro Arrival

Sir, shall we go to Mehiko Citi? Or should we go to New York?

Taebeom studied a bit, so we can talk about pedagogy.
Vigasky Skinner Activism Cognitive Psychology etc.

Of course, I majored in linguistics, so I mainly studied psychology related to language education, but there are many overlapping parts.
Let’s study a lot and have a conversation with me.

And Taejun, who came out after almost a month because he was busyness!

I was supposed to give you the first grain earlier, 이대주짓수 but it didn’t come out so I put it off, but I sparred today and gave it to you because I was skilled.

Actually, I did it for about a month and a half at Taebaek University Jiujitsu before we came to the studio, and it’s a trap that I don’t remember any basic animations.

It’s time to get a g-al since it’s been 3 months.

Sparring with Minjun, who can’t come out because he’s busy preparing for a firefighter!

Minjun came too late, so I couldn’t film for him.

Taejun is bothering Taejung of the same age!

Taejung is also looking after Mirae’s teacher. Manners.

Taejun’s Mount Amba

All the girls in the gym are all doom and gloom.

Success to Triangle

The author who came after a long time was also devastating.

Now, guys will be sparring.

Chan and Bruce Lee’s sparring!

Lee Soryong successfully passed! He’s improved a lot.

But I keep missing the details that I emphasize.

It’s an important part, but you have to modify it to make it stronger.

Chan, successfully swiped by grabbing the half after the side escape.

What was unfortunate was that I kept watching him to go to the sitting guard, but he kept catching butterflies.

First of all, you can use the butterfly guard well, but you don’t understand the technical structure yet.

Sitting guard who’s practicing now. – Push your neck straight with your right hand and put your left elbow frame up. If you make a sitting guard, you’ll be able to come out and try to sweep. That’s too.

You can see the path of the guard, but it’s definitely a little slow to accommodate technology. There’s nothing we can do but accept it and upload it to go to purple.

Mr. Yoon Bal and Mr. Chan from Jangchung-Jitsu!

Kkoji is strong and has a lot of experience in the game, so he passes powerfully.

Your tower is so nice.

After passing, you moved well.

That way, the opponent won’t be warned and the opponent won’t be able to get a hold of himself.

At the end of the game, the sitting guard passed to Reverse X-Pass.

Taejeong and Kkoji!

Finish with your specialty, Americana Kirak!

Taejeong is good at taking out shrimps.

Mr. Lotto and Mr. Bruce Lee!

Mr. Lotto was a little late, too, so I don’t have any footage.

Today’s highlights are Taebong and Yoonbal.

After Kkoji’s color drag, Nitab failed!

Taebong catches the half after the color drag!

But the sliding step is a bit disappointing.
The sliding step in the back is shallow, so you’ll be passed.

Loop-Izekiel Taebong enters the deep half after a modified choke attempt!

Bridge sweep, success!

The bridge was usually weak, but it came out very well today.

Taebong passed the ball!

Yun Bal-hyung catches the Spider.

I put it in once I was passed.

In this case, even if your foot is tripped, it’s completely controlled, so your pass score is included.
The same goes for Lasso.

KKOJI, who ended up coming out as Spider and going back to standing.

Dregchin, you’ve got a take it down!

I’m going to pass after this. Taebong did a good job.

Then, you get a triangle and sweep. You can escape. But you’re exhausted and you need to hurry up and recover your pass. But this time, the sliding step goes in shallow, so you have to pass the counter and finish with your specialty, Americana Kirak!

Well, I was going to buy some jiujitsu equipment from Amazon and Atama Europe, but suddenly the dollar rose and Atama Europe is extending the blue uniform discount event from May 15th…

Amazon has to buy Hayabusa Metaru T-shirts and uniform tops separately, and Atama only needs to order two pairs of pants, which is so twisted.

And Miracle is 40,000 won cheaper than buying Hayabusa from Amazon.

If you have any domestic brand uniforms posted on Amazon, buy them at Amazon.

First of all, it’s half the price in Korea, and Amazon has a cheaper delivery fee, so it’s okay to pay for it.

At least, Hayabusa, the parent site, suddenly got a discount. But it’s ridiculous that Amazon is cheaper.

I just want the KRW 1,120 or KRW 1,119 to fall tomorrow. The Asian currency is dead because of the Asian Corona risk.

Also, I hope Atama Europe will have a quick summer discount after the blue equipment discount. I need an extra pair of pants, and I need a pair of pants.

I’ll be back with a linguistics review or a jujitsu sparring review on Thursday and Friday.

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